Wall Stickers for Bedrooms: A Minimalist’s Guide to DIY

When it comes to decorating private rooms such as studies and bedrooms, the debate is usually on another level. People don’t want to spend on decorating these rooms, because well, they are private; and for obvious reasons, decorating them is seemingly a waste of money. Nonetheless, adding a couple of wall stickers for bedrooms in your private quarters, could save you a great deal of money, and make your house looks all classy.

So that leaves us with one big question, “How do we make our private interiors look glamorous, (if possible, make them look expensive), but only at a fraction of the cost?”

I mean, a bedroom sure is private, but once in a while you might want to bring your girlfriends to your room: And of course, if you are a guy, once in a while you want to invite your buddies to come play video games in your room.

Certainly, you don’t want them to find a totally bare room with no form of adornment whatsoever.

Mind you, the choice of decor that you apply in your room will speak a lot about the kind of person that you are.

Well if it were sometimes before, wall stickers for a bedroom would only be found in a décor shop.

And to be honest enough, it was kind of hard getting something that pleases you from a decor shop. But these days, there is no dearth of bedroom stickers online at an affordable rate.

We have taken the load off your back this time and reviewed some creditable piece of wall stickers for bedrooms that you can find online.

Have a look:

Glowing dots Imitating Stars In The Dark Wall Stickers


If you want to bring your silent nights into your bedroom then I would suggest that you use these glittering wall stickers.

The stickers can glow for a long time deep into the night and when morning comes, they normally transform into plain white stickers.

This way they are able to disappear seamlessly into your ceiling(if it’s brightly colored). Apply the product to a white background for optimum results.

Peony Flower with Butterflies Flying Bedroom Wall Stickers


This particular collection of wall stickers for a bedroom is pretty straightforward. It’s beautiful and pronounced.

However, note that the background must be in harmony with the sticker-color you choose. For this one, cream went well with a dark brown background.


Giant Cartoon Removable Pink Cherry Tree wall stickers for bedroom


To be honest this one is a pretty complicated one to apply in your bedroom. But if you follow the application manual to the letter, you’ll get it right.

You can always expect surprises such as this one if you are always searching for wall stickers for bedrooms online.

This bedroom wall sticker is easy to apply and is also reusable. Just use the recommended adhesive, if you live in a rented property (and might have to remove the sticker in future when relocating.)

Closed Eyes Illusion Wall Stickers for bedrooms


We recommend this product as one of the best wall stickers for bedrooms interior design worthy of your consideration.

It’s made of vinyl and can actually be reused without leaving sticker residue on the walls. Apart from being a bedroom piece of décor, it can also be applied in other places such as your furniture and bathrooms.

But judging from the “closed eyes illusion” it creates, we can agree that it’s best suited for the bedroom.


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