Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting Lamps with Futuristic Designs

You know most people associate modern outdoor wall lighting in decor as a thing to do with antique lanterns and old candle lamps designs. To most amateurs in the décor world, if no element of oldness is added onto a decorative lamp, then it doesn’t qualify as décor.

However, this is the wrong notion of holding, although it’s understandable why people have this ridiculous belief.

Chinese manufacturers, who are responsible for over half the decorative lamps that circulate the globe, have made us believe that antique is the way to go with modern outdoor wall lighting.

Most of these companies produce tons of modern external wall lights inspired by the medieval time’s wall lamps; and from the look of things, they aren’t willing to incorporate any modernity in their subsequent productions.

All the same, some lamp designers have stepped up their game to make modern chrome outdoor wall lights that look way better than the antique lamp designs.

Have a look at some cheap modern outdoor wall lights we found on the internet:

Chrome Finished Revel Rockwell Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting

Source: Amazon


This high quality, sturdy outdoor wall lamp will surely give your front yard the glimmer it well deserves.

The beautiful chrome finishing on this product allows it to serve longer as well as preserve beauty and style.

The designer added a 2-line emblem on the product to signify that it’s an original Revel outdoor wall fixture.

Just like most chrome outdoor wall lights this wall fixture works with a standard LED or CFL bulb.

A 60 W incandescent bulb – with a not so large base – would be just right for this chrome lamp.

Dimmable Waterproof LED Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting

Source: Amazon

This adjustable aluminum outdoor lamp is one of the best modern external wall lights you will find on the market today.

It comes with lamp toggles that allow you to fine-tune the degree of brightness or height of irradiation as you please. What’s even more, the product is waterproof, not to mention the fact that it’s made of pure aluminum.

As you know, aluminum is a perfect material for modern outdoor wall lighting since it doesn’t rust even after being exposed to the elements.

This product can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Transparent Bulkhead Chrome Outdoor Wall Lights

Source: Amazon

You might be surprised to find this wall fixture in the cheap modern outdoor wall lights category, but to be honest, it’s priced quite reasonably.

This Lightess waterproof outdoor lamp is made of a combination of Aluminum and PC cover material. It’s rust-proof and rock-solid meaning that it won’t be damaged by sharp vibrations, wind, and other weather elements.

The lamp works with LED bulbs, thus helping you save money on energy bills without compromising on the quality of lighting.

Geekeep Modern External Wall Lights

Source: Amazon

There’s no way we can talk about modern outdoor wall lighting without mentioning something to do with the Geekeep 6W Cool White lamp.

This outdoor wall fixture is modernity at its very best. The product is made of heavy-duty stainless steel material.

Apart from being shockproof, this outdoor lamp is corrosion free, waterproof and highly reliable.

It’s also very simple to install With the 2 x 3 Watt LED chips integrated under its hood, you’re guaranteed that an array of these lamps will turn your outdoors into daytime during the night.

Minimalist Waterproof  Cheap Modern Outdoor Lighting

Source: Amazon

This modernly designed wall lamp is a perfect match for you if you are looking for cheap modern outdoor wall lights.

It’s made of aluminum, and it has been ratified with anIP64 Weatherproofing & Rust resistant grade. The product comes in an assorted range of colors and has a short circuit protecting the design.

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