Flaunting Outdoor Wall Decor for a Captivating Home Environment

Man is and wants to be a social animal. Beware; you have to be presentable to socialize remarkably. Your outdoors reflect your idea of a healthy and a charming living space to the rest of the world, just like how your clothes and shoes do, for your overall personality.

So, it is unnecessary to explain how very prominent it is, to stylize your living area, even outside the walls. Outdoor wall decor helps you achieve the same seamlessly without having it overdone.

Now, if you notice, why was your housewarming party less adorable than your friend’s last week?

Why does your terrace garden not appear so adorable? Why do your children feel that once outside their house, nothing seems as meticulous as the inside?

That’s because you forgot to pay the slightest attention to the craving walls outside your home. But, now you know the key.

Just get some outdoor wall decors rolling in your place.

Perfection Starts Here: Outdoor Wall Decor

Unique Metal Wire Bicycle Basket Design


May be the first look of this unusual exterior wall decoration had you looking at it with some doubt, but with time, the love for this cute imaginative bicycle basket only grows.

This outdoor wall decor could be peeping through a brick wall as illustrated or through a cemented one.

A flat vibrant colored matt wall would work wonders to the appeal.

The basket may carry a range of items depending on where this outdoor wall decor is installed.

You can put biscuit packets if it’s your terrace, gardening tools, umbrellas or flower pots if it’s your garden. Even little colorful birdhouses could be hovering below.

Toscano Design: Opimus and Vappa Wall sculptures


Even if you are not into the Greek god fantasy, this kind of excellence in art is not witnessed often in case of outdoor wall decor.

I was in complete awe at its first look. Rather, anyone would be bound to appreciate the skill behind this.

Opimus and Vappa promise to make your home entrance wall happier than ever.

This 23″ X 28″ outdoor wall decor large enough to encompass every detail and texture of an attention-demanding face is hand-cast using tiny stone pieces melted together with high-quality resin.

You can enchant the stone art by adding a little flowing water from above, using some kind of wall embedded fountains.

Artificial Boxwood Greenery Panels for Exterior Wall Decoration


You love green homes but cannot maintain beauty because of the hassle involved with broken leaves, twigs, dampened walls and of course, insects.

Engage with this artificial green panel exterior wall decoration and enjoy a placating view of your garden wall.

This weather-resistant outdoor wall decor large can also be installed both sides beside an outdoor staircase.

Use of different kinds of greens alternatively is recommended. And there is a catch, that if it is displayed on a perfectly sunlit corner wall in your garden, this would prove merciless, any time of the day.

Sun, Moon, and Star Hanging Garden Outdoor Wall Decor


Never underestimate the healing power of music, ocean, and stars. What if you have one installed just outside, in your garden.

If lit from both sides by nice lanterns or candles, not just the star, but the sun and the moon, all will help you forget the day’s tiresome behavior just in a moment.

The vivid colors and the plain patterns are cleverly selected to engage the audience with the simplicity of this exterior wall decoration.

Outdoor Wall Decor Large: Nautical Marine Pirate Rustic Wheel


If you are too adamant to choose only solitary outdoor wall decor for your home, this one should be on your bucket list.

This wooden pirate ship wheel, 32″ in diameter weighs only 4lbs and steals all the appreciation of your garden.

Just put it in a dry place, say over a stair or above few cemented bricks. Having it mounted to the wall permanently, is best; to make the wheel own its flawlessness forever.

So, ready for a consuming outdoor stroll? 


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