Cute Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bathroom wall decor ideas

The bathroom is probably the first place you rush to when you wake up and certainly the last place you hit as you got to sleep. Surprisingly, not many people consider putting art on wall when bathrooms come into question.

However, if you want to have a blissful morning and a cool transition to bed, some bathroom wall decor ideas could help.

Moreover, if you have kids, cute bathroom themes are one way of motivating them to use the bathroom more often and in the right manner.

Bathrooms just like other rooms in the house deserve a decor retouch just to keep things rhyming all through. Here are some helpful bathroom decor ideas that are worth considering.

Best Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas of All Times

Purple flower Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

bathroom wall decor ideas

This hand finished bathroom wall decor is designed by Albert Koetsier and is painted on high-quality canvas meaning that it is waterproof.

The wall hanging would fit well on white or light green painted walls, although a purple bathroom wall would still do perfectly.

The frame is wooden and ready to hang. The painting comes engraved with custom quotes, for instance, this one is captioned “Hope, the dream of a soul awake”, quite inspiring for your mornings.

3D Butterfly bathroom wall decor ideas

bathroom wall decor ideas

If you are the kind of person who gets turned on by 3D art on wall as bathroom themes, then here is something that might delight you. This design is among the bathroom ideas termed as highly extravagant.

But to be realistic, the design isn’t that expensive. The only issue is that you need to add a couple more butterflies with assorted colors so as to keep things interesting.

The good thing about this bathroom wall decor is that it’s far much better than a bathroom sticker or a wall hanging.

Why better? Because the butterflies are environment protected and considering that bathrooms have lots of moisture I think I would go for this 3D bathroom idea.

White Lily Cute Bathroom Themes

bathroom wall decor ideas

Lilies are known to grow in areas where water is in abundance, and so is your bathroom.

Adding these cute bathroom themes will help bring this ‘Lily’ illusion to your bathroom.

However, this particular canvas painting is recommended for people with wide bathrooms which are well-aerated.

This is to prevent water from splashing on the canvas surface.

Otherwise, if your bathroom is small, you can incorporate bathroom wall decor ideas on your bathroom hallway walls, or just somewhere near the bathroom as just cute bathroom themes.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

bathroom wall decor ideas

If you are always having issues with your kids forgetting to brush their teeth or flush the toilet, then this would be a picture-perfect reminder.

The bathroom wall hanging is hand polished and mounted on a wooden frame. Nevertheless, the canvas is high quality just to keep the moisture out.

The rules are pretty handy for reminding kids and adults basic bathroom rules.

Classic Unframed Bath Tub Cute Bathroom Themes

bathroom wall decor ideas

Here’s something for the classic lovers. Not much of classic bathroom wall decor ideas are available out there, but this one is an impeccable choice.

The painting is done on high-quality canvas but doesn’t come with an edge frame.

Being a classic, the painting will be ideal for dull painted bathroom walls although there’s no limitation on which colour to paint your bathroom with.

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