Creative Wall decoration items for a Medium sized house

Décor is a mish-mash of many stunning stuff coming together to make up that beautiful interior that you’ve always dreamt of. If we were to delve in deeply into the whole subject of décor, you would realize that even the most minuscule wall decoration items account for the full magnificence you see on any beautiful wall.

At times people tend to think that living room wall decoration items, for instance, must be totally conspicuous and enormous for them to grasp the visitor’s attention. But this is the wrong perception to nurse.

When it comes to quality home decoration, everything counts, regardless of whether it’s big or small.

You don’t have to use wall decoration items that have shouting colors just to pass the message to your guests that you’re a ‘décor person’.

Instead, you should be examining a number of important factors that will determine how good your decoration results will be in the end.

Things like the color harmony of your home wall decoration items with the wall paint;  the cost of the décor pieces and whether you can get something better from the same price tag; plus a whole ton of things that you need to consider.

In this article, we have reviewed a number of wall decoration stuffs inclusive of handmade wall decoration items that you can consider to use on your house walls.

In case you haven’t made up your mind on what you really want to apply, this list will help you kick start you décor campaign for your mid-sized home.

Abstract Oil Painting as wall decoration items

If you are seriously looking for living room wall decoration items that can last, then, this is the product you should settle for.

It is painted in museum quality paint and hence won’t fade. The painting comes in three pieces that combine to make one landscape painting.

It depicts villages that are near a river.

Macramé Cotton Handmade Wall Hanging

This ready to hang a cotton wall hanging is hand woven and replicates the popular macramé intertwined design.

It is made of 100% pure cotton and thus durability is guaranteed even after multiple washes.

Handmade Tapestry Lotus Wallhanging

This particular home décor piece is made of a special polyester silky satin fusion that makes it quite unique.

Most handmade home wall decoration items are made of cotton, and hence washing is kind of easy.

However, for this one, you need to be very careful when washing it. Use cold water and avoid bleaching agents.

Flower Oil Painting Hand Painted on Canvas

This canvas print fits well as a living room decoration, although you can still use it in any wide spaced room. The print is of a hand-painted flower, done in oil and it comes in a high resolution.

Blurred Trees Abstract Oil Painting on canvas

This one is ideal for both living rooms and bedrooms, depending on which one pleases you the most.

However, there is a catch: For the best results, apply this painting on a plain white wall so that the blur effect can become pronounced.

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