Cheap Outdoor Wall Lights for Minimalists

Lighting the outdoors is not just about mounting some clumsy cheap wall lights onto your hedges or stone wall, and assuming that the beauty will just happen. Mind you, outdoor wall lights are meant to stick around for many years if not decades.

Of course, for such a task, you will want to entrust your alfresco on some really tough uplighters, at least lamps that guarantee resilience against the weather elements out there.

You get your choices wrong when it comes to outdoor lighting and believe me, you will be changing that lawn lamp every month. Outdoor wall lights for houses and lawns come in different models and price ranges, each having their own set of downsides and upsides.

In this article, we have collected a few cheap outdoor wall lights that we think are worth your money.

Have a look:

Glass Jar Wall Sconce Outdoor Wall Lights


To begin with, light fixtures come in two major sets, up and down exterior wall lights. Our collection in this article mixes both sets.

The Mason wall Jar lamp is a down facing outdoor light fixture that is ideal for gates and lawn lighting.

This lamp design is not to be recognized as some cheap wall lights; rather it carries an out of the box vintage blueprint that you won’t find in most lamp releases of today.

The glass is airtight not to mention weatherproof meaning that the sconce is built to last.

The fact that the lamp runs on a standard E26 40W bulb means that you won’t have a lot of trouble looking for suitable bulbs and of course, you save on power costs. (40W is quite reasonable for an outdoor lamp).

Cheap Outdoor Wall Lights

Although these Mahogany-Bronze furnished outdoor wall lights bear a much common design, it does a good job when it comes to outdoor lighting.

I personally had a hands-on experience with the 14inch version of this lamp and I must say that there’s nothing common about the lamp.

The Gooseneck design twisted with a Vintage feel in the Arm means that you not only get a wider spectrum of lighting but also a well-appointed look during the day.

In other words, the lamp itself is a piece of outdoor decor during the day. I like the fact that Coco web fitted LED bulbs on this product just to guarantee energy efficiency at an astounding 1600 lumens in light output.

Cheap Wall Lights with a Premium Look

Now here is an upward facing exterior wall light that you don’t want to look through.

If you are keen in observing lamp design trends, you will notice that “The Highland” (as the designers of this lamp like to call it) has a seedy or rough glass finishing, which is a pretty out of the box kind of finishing.

During chilly weathers or early morning, the lamp will tend to shed a conspicuous lighting due to the water drops condensing around the ridges of the seedy glass.

In addition, the finishing on this outdoor wall lamp is done in oil rubbed bronze just to give things a little vintage feel.

Cheap Outdoor Wall Lights Set

Cheap wall lights are not exactly a new thing in the outdoor wall lights for houses domain, but they were surely a familiar thing in the 1800’s (only that they came as candle holders).

Today, companies such as Meyda Tiffany, try to refabricate the designs just to keep Vintage lighting trends alive.

Nonetheless, the hard part is that the line between modernity and antiquity is very thin when it comes to the lighting decor domain. The DragonFly light set is one of the best collections you can ever have in this line of vintage lamps.

Dimmable Outdoor Wall Lights for Houses

This particular light fixture is ideal for front porches or areas that wouldn’t need long protruding outdoor lamps.

It runs on an incandescent 100-watt bulb and due to the narrowing design, your bulb must have a narrow base.

The aluminum frame is finished in black and is crafted in a modern design.

This particular lamp was added to the list due to its fair pricing and helpful features, considering that it even has a dimming utility.

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